In the years 2011 and 2012, the Association conducted national surveys on textile articles purchased in stores or taken from the NAS and the local health authorities (ASL) during inspections or after a report of problems related to health.


Here is a summary of the most significant results:

Presence of hazardous substances on textile items purchased in stores:

  • 4% carcinogenic aromatic amines;
  • 4% allergenic dyes;
  • 6% of heavy metals;
  • 4% formaldehyde.



Widespread presence of hazardous substances textile and footwear taken from the NAS or local health authorities (ASL)

Causes of diseases found in patients hospitalized in the dermatology clinic (study of over 400 patients admitted):


  • Fabrics – in 69.1% of cases;
  • Accessories – in 16.5% of cases;
  • Footwear – in 14.4% of cases.