The REACH Regulation, in force since 2007, establishes what substances and chemical compounds can be used in industrial processes in Europe and in what way. The REACH Regulation commits chemical companies, but also textile manufacturers, tanners and shoemakers that use dyes, auxiliaries, adhesives and everything it is needed to transform a raw material into a marketable end-product.

Since the area of application of REACH is limited to Europe, it is certain that imported products may contain substances not considered harmful in Countries where manufactured.

Not being able to restrict the free movement of goods, it is therefore important to develop and sustain a system of control of imported items.


The Associazione Tessile e Salute supports the Department of Health and the competent authorities to make the requirements of the REACH Regulation also adopted in the production of foreign firms in order to avoid that a substance banned in Europe, may be present in imported products and cause damage to the health of users.

Data related to the chemical risk of textile and footwear items nationwide are included in the study “Chemicals in textiles and allergic reactions” produced on request of the European Commission DG Enterprise in October 2012

Moreover, the Association have developed and presented proposals to improve and make more effective the existing legislation by pushing for a greater harmonization of the prohibitions among States.