The main risks to the health of a consumer that uses fabrics and footwear are attributable to the chemicals used in production processes for processing, colouring and the functionalization of materials .

It is impossible to imagine the textile and fashion industry without the contribution of chemical processes.

This does not mean we have to demonize substances and compounds but it is necessary to know them, assess their effects and use them according to strictly controlled procedures.

Over the past few decades, the scientific and industrial research has given much attention to the development of safe chemicals for workers and finalĀ  users of handmade articles and procedures and regulations of use have been established.

In Europe it was also banned the use of substances considered harmful to health and chemicals placed on the market are subject to verification and monitoring.

To the safety of the product has been recently added an important new target: the definition of substances, materials, technologies and ways of working with less impact on the environment.