What tools do Italian enterprises, that act in compliance with all standards and regulations, have to increase the value of their work and their products so to be more competitive compared with the less virtuous productions?

In a jungle of brands, trademarks, certifications and auto-statements, both consumers and the professionals in the field, risk to feel lost and confused.

It is necessary a validation system of the items that allows to control their production cycle and allows to state the absence of hazardous substances. And everything to be done with objective and transparency criteria.



The Associazione Tessile e Salute  and Unionfiliere  have created a system of supplemented voluntary certifications that has got the following double goal:


  • give importance to the enterprises that act in compliance with the legally binding regulations in force;
  • ensure the consumer about the origin, traceability and safety of the textile article and of the shoes he/she is wearing.