National Observatory of dermatology.

Since 2010 Associazione Tessile e Salute and SIDAPA (Scientific Society of Dermatologists) have established a network of clinics and testing laboratories located throughout the national territory with the objective of monitoring the phenomenon of skin diseases due to textile products.

Database of Chemicals.

Made over the years in collaboration with the National Institute of Health. It has located and surveyed up to now more than 10,000 commercial preparations, linked to 2000 basic ingredients used in manufacturing processes and present in the final product.

The Rule UNI / TR 11359 “Safety management of textiles, clothing, footwear, leather and accessories.

The Association has coordinated the working group in UNI that in 2010 published the rule UNI / TR 11359. This rule systematically analyzes the problem of the safety of textiles and provides information to producers on design methodologies and implementation of a safe product.

Report “Chemical substances and their manner of use in the italian textile supply chain” (a collaboration with SMI and Federchimica).

Approved by the Departments of Health, Economic Development and the Environment, it defines the specific uses, scenarios and exposure modes of the chemicals in line with the European REACH regulation).

Report “Chemical substances in textile products and allergic reactions“.

Requested by the European Commission DG Enterprise, it studies the pathological effects of certain chemicals in textiles.

Brochure for Consumers.

The commitment of the Association is also concerning the question of consumer awareness with the creation of two documents present as paper documents and online:

  • Do you know what you wear?Made in collaboration with The Piedmont Region



  • When you shop… – Comics created in collaboration with the  Cotton and Flax Industries Foundation