When the Association was founded, in 2001, the question about the safety clothing was not yet felt by the majority of public opinion.  “The experts” in business and consumer associations were the only ones to worry about the effects that certain chemicals could have on the health of the people who came into contact with these substances. With the opening of the European markets and the resulting massive volumes of imports of articles mainly from the Far East, the situation changed: cases of dermatitis and allergic reactions attributable to items of clothing and footwear increased, so the growing alarm about the safety of products that reached the Italian market.

The opening to imports also penalizes Italian producers who now have to compete with products made in the absence of conditions of respect for workers’ rights and environmental protection and whose prices appear to be so highly beneficial for buyers. The request to make as compulsory the indication of “Made in” on the labels of products in circulation in Europe, to exactly know the place where manufactured, has repeatedly urged by the Italian representative offices and the Associazione Tessile e Salute in the European countries, but no answer has been received yet.

The constant relationship with the Department of Health, the National Institute of Health, regional institutions, enables the Associazione Tessile e Salute to be the technical contact for the competent authorities in the management of product safety.

Over the years, the Association has developed a number of initiatives to raise awareness and for monitoring the situation by bringing his voice in decision-making contexts and constantly making use of the contribution of health and research experts .

It has also organized conferences and edited publications, animated the dialogue and confrontation with professionals in the health field and and with stakeholders.