The Associazione Tessile e Salute :

  • It collaborates with the Department of Health, local health authorities ASL, the NAS, the public prosecutors in identifying imported products not in compliance with the legislation and with the European REACH regulation or releasing hazardous substances;
  • On reports by institutions and individuals, it verifies by laboratory analysis, the presence of harmful substances in articles on the market and the correctness of the statements written on their labels (fibre content) and reports the results to the relevant authorities so to allow them to take the necessary measures ;
  • It collaborates with the competent authorities and participates in national and international technical groups established with the aim of establishing rules for the management of hazardous chemicals, materials control, quality standards, reciprocity of trade among countries;
  • It certifies, in collaboration with Unionfiliere, companies and their productions concerning the safety of products / processes in various stages of the production chain;
  • It studies and monitors the presence of unsafe chemicals in textiles and footwear through its database of chemicals and the development of diseases due to contact with substances through the National Observatory of dermatology;
  • It works with the relevant national and international authorities to improve the European legislation in order to prevent a substance banned in Europe, could cause harm to health if present in imported articles.

Moreover, the Association develops projects of awareness and information for professionals and  the public opinion in order to promote a responsible and informed consumption and to avoid the problem of forgery and counterfeiting.