Associazione Tessile e Salute

Founded in 2001, the Associazione Tessile e Salute (Health and Textile Association) is at the side of consumers, producers, institutions and organizations who care about the safety of the textile and footwear products and the protection of Made in Italy.

It works in collaboration with the Department of Health, the NAS, the ASL and the Public Prosecution’s offices to prevent and combat the spread of harmful products on the market for the health of users.

Its transformation into a “Textile – Clothing – Leather – Footwear National Observatory ”  is now going to be defined.

Every year textile articles for over 12,000 billion Euros are imported to Italy. 8% of dermatological diseases detected in health centres of our country were from contact with hazardous chemicals released from those items.

In the absence of a systematic and preventive action to ensure the safety of products sold in stores, the consumer is still exposed to the risk of disease by contact.

Giving visibility and recognition to companies operating in compliance with the Europen laws and regulations designed to protect both consumers and the environment, means to increase the value of the made in Italy, i.e. the excellence of the products here manufactured.

Between Europe and the Far East the trade relations are not balanced: while freedom is left for the importation of any product, exports to the East are undergoing formal difficulties and rigorous controls.

The European Regulation REACH imposes constraints and costs to those who produce in Europe, but it is not so strict on imported articles.

All everything that is not allowed to be used in European productions as harmful to our health should  neither be present on imported items.